Our covid tests are negative and our attitudes are positive!

As things start to loosen up we will still be observing most of our guidelines as we have been since June 2020 when we first reopened. Please review ALL guidelines before your future appointment and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach to Alexa at any time.

Safety is our biggest concern. Working together and keeping all of us and all our clients safe for our future success. We want you to feel as comfortable entering Village Vanity as you have BC (Before COVID), like you are at home and safe in our space. Alexa has set strict guidelines for the Village Vanity team and our guests to adhere to during our transition into our new way of doing things, temporarily and in the future. We ask that you help us abide by the state guidelines required of us to open and remain open.

Client/Appointment Guidelines:

Please arrive on time to your appointment, Please note: If you are 10 minutes late you automatically forfeit your appointment because at that point we can not make up the time.

• The number of guests on premises will be limited. Please do not bring anyone to your appointment unless previously set up with your stylist. There will be an extremely limited waiting area, this is another reason why we need you to contact us before entering.

• Everyone entering salon MUST wear a mask at all times.  Please come with 1-2 disposable, behind the ear masks if you are receiving a color service (Note: Masks that tie or loop around the back of your head will prohibit services) We will have disposable masks available for purchase if you do not have one.

• You will be required to wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival and departure. There are sanitation stations located near the front and back doors along with hand sanitizer throughout the salon as well as the stations.

• Guests will not be permitted on the premises if they have COVID-19 symptoms or had COVID within the last 3 weeks. We are not taking appointments for people who are symptom free but are testing positive still, we will see you once you have a negative test result and are symptom free for 3 weeks.

• You will be asked to leave if showing any signs of COVID symptoms. If you feel sick, have been sick, been around someone who was sick PLEASE reschedule.

• No shows and arriving late will result in forfeit of appointment and possibly future appointments.

• Please let us know if a private appointment is something you would be interested in.

•Make sure we have ALL your contact information. (Full name, address, phone number, email address, card on file, etc)

•We will no longer be adding tips to credit card transactions. We will be accepting tips through Venmo or cash.

• We suggest you follow us on all social media outlets to stay up on any changes and happenings here at Village Vanity.

Guidelines our team is following to ensure your safety and health:

• All employees are required to wear a mask while performing any service or interacting with clients even if it there is 6ft between them.

• Employees are required to wash or sanitize hands before and after every client even when gloves are worn for service.

• Employees will not be permitted on the premises if they have COVID-19 symptoms. 

• All equipment used by a service provider will be sanitized between guests.

• Stations will be sanitized after every client. (including but not limited to brushes, combs, blow dryer, shears, capes, partitions, styling products, chair, etc.)

Precautions we are taking as a Salon company and team:

• We have installed partitions where 6ft social distancing is not feasible.

• All employees have been certified by Barbicide on proper cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection.

• UV light to sanitize phone or personal items upon request.

• Additional time added to each appointment so we can properly sanitize station, utensils, and ourselves for next client. 

• Salon will be disinfected every evening at close time. All Barbicide will be freshly mixed for each day.

• Doors, exits, light switches and other commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

COVID-19 is rapidly changing and so will these guidelines from time to time. Any updates to them will be posted on our website, ALL social media platforms and in the salon. Please feel free to contact Alexa at any time with questions or concerns regarding these guidelines.

We are all so excited to be back to what we love to do and that is make you all feel good, by following these guidelines we can all do our part to keep each other safe and healthy.  As always, we are so appreciative of your constant understanding, undying loyalty and support always but especially through these trying times. Thank you for your patience while we navigate during these difficult times as we try to meet the needs of all our incredible clients.

Please check back here or our social media outlets for all updates on guidelines and hours.

Hours of Service

Tuesday – By Appointment Only

Wednesday 10am – 8pm

Thursday 10am – 7pm

Friday 10am – 8pm

Saturday 9am – 4pm

Sunday & Monday – Appointments upon request only

Ask and we will give.

Need a Sunday, Monday or other off hours appointment?

If we can, we will go above and beyond to

 cater to your needs.